About Us

We offer a free, One Stop Consultancy for worldwide Tropical Fruit & Vegetable export orders from Southeast Asia. Based in Bangkok, our many years of experience guarantee all clients a raft of hassle free services. Our services include consulting for:

  • Product Sourcing
  • Packaging
  • Shipping.

Our associates operate to the highest international standards and all services and produce are internationally certified. Our close relationship with various packaging facilities and certified farms enables us to provide our consulting services free of charge!

Whether you are an experienced importer or are about to venture for the first time, we offer a convenient and easy, trouble-free service.

Our free services include General Information about the Agricultural Export Sector both in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We assist in establishing first contact with Packaging Facilities and Resources. We quote:

  • Product Prices
  • Freight Costs

Provide Consulting Negotiation Support C.A.P.S. (Asia)

is committed to providing sources capable of delivering the freshest, finest quality, Tropical Fruits & Vegetables from Southeast Asia to anywhere in the world whilst providing a convenient & easy, trouble-free service at best value.

Our focus is constantly on our client needs and client margins.

Quality & Safety:
C.A.P.S. (Asia) and our Associates are meticulously knowledgeable about all the legislation and requirements for laboratory testing fresh produce for worldwide export markets. Every grower we source is fully certified to the required international standards providing full trace ability.

Produce Sourcing:
C.A.P.S. (Asia) has long term relationships with all our suppliers in Thailand and around South East Asia to guarantee an abundant product variety with only the best quality ever reaching our customers.

Packing & Shipping:
C.A.P.S. (Asia) is very closely associated with certified Packaging Facilities which allows us to oversee the handling of products at every single stage and guarantee their quality. Our focus is constantly on our client needs and client margins.

Worldwide Marketing:
C.A.P.S. (Asia) connects export produce to worldwide markets. Depending on produce, we provide sources for export by both air & sea freight. We also help in processing smaller shipments to delicatessens, grocery stores, health shops, hotels and restaurants worldwide.