Product And Services

We have full market access to source all Tropical Fruit & Vegetable products seasonably available around South East Asia including Organic & GAP grown products. Every grower is certified to international standards and all produce is fully traceable.

We offer direct contact to GMP & HACCP Certified Packaging Facilities which handle all relevant Shipping requirements including Phytosanitary Certification for Air & Sea Cargo, as well as to Resources including Plantation Grown Products, GAP Certified Farms and Organic Farming Projects.

Our Free Services include General Information about the Agricultural Export Sector both in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

We assist in establishing first contact with Packaging Facilities and Resources. We quote Product Prices, Freight Costs and provide Consulting Negotiation Support.

We also function as a go-between helping you Negotiate, Source and Survey all the procedures leading to successful Transactions and Shipments.

Fresh Fruits Vegetables, Herbs and Spices

Our Senior Management Team are all European professionals, multi-lingual & multi-cultural, with many years of Southeast Asian agricultural industry experience.  C.A.P.S. (Asia) aim is to provide our clients with contacts to reliable sources for fresh produce. Some produce is available all year round whilst others are seasonal.

The offers include both bulk and mixed shipments of various products. Depending on the types of goods, it can be shipped both by air and sea freight anywhere in the world.




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Herbs and Spices



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