Shipping Information

We have negotiated special rates with our Key Forwarders.  We can air & sea freight shipments anywhere in the world. Whether you ship small or bulk quantities, we are confident our rates are the best!

Freight costs are influenced by various factors and tend to fluctuate rather frequently. Rising oil prices and their subsequent impact on fuel charges, fluctuations of currency exchange rates and cargo space availability in low and peak seasons are some.

Although sample shipments and small quantity orders in the range of 100 – 500kg can be arranged, we would like to advise you to always consider certain base costs (fix costs) which are roughly the same regardless of shipment volumes below or above 500 kg.

Forwarding shipments to the departure location and pick-up of shipments at the destination points are some of the base costs more or less independent from shipment volumes.

Depending on order volumes, frequency of shipping and type of cargo, detailed prices can only be given when we receive a formal enquiry from you. Please use our contact form to do so.